Advanced technologies

New XP function

21 October 2019
Cebora’s expert staff listen to the needs and requirements of customers and has come up with several special processes to facilitate a host of welding and cutting procedures

Goals and solutions

The new Cebora XP function for TIG DC welding has been designed with the aim of minimising the heat-affected zone and thus achieve less deformation of base material edges. The XP function allows 12 Khz welding at 19 Khz (according to the models), with unchangeable pulse frequencies and currents (therefore synergistic).

It is also applicable to automated processes such as plasma welding

The main advantages of this solution are:

  • Drastic reduction in heat-affected zone
  • Significant increase in speed of execution
  • Concentrated, accurate arc
  • Ideal when working with filler material
  • Immediate feel between machine and operator


Arc stability and concentration means that this function gives welders greater confidence when working because it is designed for all welding positions.

 WATCH NOW how to use XP with our touchscreen panel
 WATCH NOW how to use XP with our LCD control panel