Spotter AC Single phase


Automotive, Industry

SPOT 2500

[Art. 2148]


 400 V  50 Hz   ±10%


Time-saving on automotive repairing

Approved by several worldwide car manufacturers

 Our power sources have got International Certifications and Approvals 


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SPOT 2500

Cebora offers the multi-purpose single phase power source Spot 2500 for the Automotive line with electronic adjustment, synchronous control and digital panel, ideal for body repairs of the conventional sheet metals, except aluminium.

Multipurpose power source with electronic adjustment, synchronous control and digital panel. Single phase input 400V 50/60Hz
Ideal for body repairs of the conventional sheet metals, except for aluminum.

SPOT 2500 allows:

  • the operator to work in manual/automatic mode
  • to perform rosette spot-welding, insert spot-welding, metal pressing, metal heating, pulse heating
  • The "USER" functionality allows the customization
  • The spot-welding gun includes a button that allows rapid remote selection of the functionalities on the power source panel

This power source is also available in a version for 230V 50/60Hz single phase power supply [Art. 2148.18]

Art. 2148 Dati tecnici

400 V
50 Hz
± 10%

Su richiesta:
230 V

50/60 Hz

Alimentazione monofase
Single phase input

10 A


Fusibile ritardato
Fuse rating (slow blow)

6,0 kW

Potenza di installazione max.
Max. installed power

3000 A max.

Campo regolazione corrente
Current range


Grado di protezione
Protection class

30 kg


207x437x411 mm

Dimensioni (LxPxH)
Dimensions (WxLxH)

Art. Description


Syncronous electronic regulation multipurpose power source. SIngle phase supply 400V 50Hz. Comes with work return lead (mt. 2 - 50 mm2), cable with spot gun (mt. 2.5 - 50 mm2), multipurpose slide hammer to be fitted on the gun, box with set of accessories and consumables.

2148.18 As above, single phase supply 230V 50/60 Hz (on demand)


Trolley for transportation of the power source.

2290 Sliding hammer with handgrip
2293 Hammer head for washer traction
2295 Hammer head for pin traction
2296 Spot weld electrode for Ø 3 and Ø 5 rivets
2297 Spot weld electrode for washers
2298 Spot weld electrode for M4 screws and Ø 2 - Ø 2.5 pins