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Select 'Accessories' on the Cebora Welding & Cutting homepage. To find out the accessories that can be combined with a particular machine, go to the Product Section, open the power source you are interested in and you will find all the Accessories and item codes at the bottom of the page.

When in the Accessories Section, select a product to call up a dedicated box containing a list of all parts with their item code and instruction manual. If you have any problems, do not hesitate to  contact us or send an email to sales.dept@cebora.it 

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If you are one of our Cebora customers and are interested in finding out the latest about our power sources, go to the contact Section and fill in the “Request a demo” form, or telephone us to book a demo. 

The product category contains all our products in current production.  Some products might be out of production at present. All documentation on items that are currently no longer in production can be downloaded from the Support section under Documentation. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, go to the Contact section – you can be on the phone to us in seconds.

You can consult the instruction manual, user manual, exploded view and spare parts list plus brochure directly under Documentation in the Support Section. You can only consult them once you have entered your credentials in the Reserved Area. You can consult and download all documentation on our current products and out-of-production items under Documentation.
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Remember the manual can be found with the power source.

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CEBORA provides a warranty for its power sources (including cooling units, autotransformers, separate wire feed units), its plasma cutting torches and Push-Pull MIG torches only.

CEBORA welding and cutting power sources are accurately tested during the entire production process in accordance with ISO9001 standards, and every single installed machine is submitted to strict tests (electrical safety, functional testing, grounding) before packaging.

Cebora grants a 12-month warranty only on brand new power sources and on system components / accessories identified by a Cebora serial number, except for plasma cutting torches, push-pull welding torches, TIG torches, extension leads and other accessories. The warranty period is calculated from the date of invoice to the end user. The original invoice is the proof of the purchase date. If the product is registered in the Cebora website within 15 days from the purchase date, the warranty period is extended to 24 months.

The warranty period for plasma cutting torches and push-pull welding torches is, on the contrary, of 3 months from the purchasing date and cannot be extended by registration. Different torches (TIG torches, standard MIG torches), extension leads and other accessories are not covered by warranty.

With respect to warranty assistance, please contact the dealer where you purchased the power source. In case of under warranty repairs in the first 12 months, the defective device must be accompanied by the original invoice of the Cebora dealer from whom you bought the product. In case of under warranty repairs in the second 12 months, the faulty device must be accompanied, not only by the original invoice of the distributor, but also by the registration certificate that you will get by e-mail after registering your product.

The warranty repair can be carried out by Cebora or by a Cebora authorized service center, according to the instructions given by the Cebora Assistance Service.

The guarantee is acknowledged in the context of material or production failures. Faults due to improper use are not recognized under warranty.

In case of defects or failures claimed during the warranty period and recognized by Cebora as warranty cases, Cebora shall either repair or replace, at its own discretion, the faulty parts. Unless different instructions are given by Cebora, the faulty parts replaced under warranty must be returned to Cebora at buyer's expenses and will become Cebora’s property.

Any transport cost related to a warranty claim is at the buyer’s own cost and risk.

The warranty is void if:

  • failure is caused by use or other natural wear;
  • failure is caused by a non compliance with the operating instructions;
  • failure is caused by abnormal environmental and operating conditions, power faults, overload or lack of service and maintenance;
  • non genuine accessories, spare parts or consumables have been used;
  • machines have been tampered with by people or companies non authorized by Cebora.

Warranty claims must be accompanied by the original invoice, clearly showing purchasing date, serial number and product description, as well as registration certificate, in case if the warranty period has been properly extended. The product submitted for warranty must be fully assembled and not tampered with.

Any dispute arising out of these Warranty Conditions will be governed and settled in accordance with Italian law.


You must be a Cebora customer and logon with your credentials in order to obtain machine firmware updates. If you are a Cebora customer, you will find all the relevant instructions under Documentation in the Support Section.