Covid-19 updates

In compliance with the Government Regulations contained in the Prime Ministerial Decree dd. 22/03/2020, we hereby inform you that our company will stick to the Italian Government's Provisions.

Therefore, from today until April 3rd, 2020, Cebora will remain closed for normal activities.
All the shipments will be postponed to the reopening of Cebora with due regard for priorities acquired.

In the meantime, the essential support will be ensured through Smart Working.

For any urgent telephone communication you can contact us at the following numbers:

Customer Service - Welding & Cutting - mobile: +39 337 145 3545 (Mr. Maurizio Somenzi)

Export Sales Manager - Welding & Cutting - mobile: +39 335 7573098 (Mr. Marco Terzi)

For communications to be sent by e-mail, the reference e-mail address is