STIGAL and CEBORA present new technologies during ITM Industry Europe Fair in Poznań

On June 4th through 7th in Kielce STIGAL & CEBORA participated in the most important trade fair of this year in Poland and Central Europe - ITM Industry Europe Fair held in Poznań. This years edition housed almost 1,000 exhibitors in 10 exhibition halls.
During the fairs all the the new innovations for this year have been presented by STIGAL & CEBORA, arousing great interest among customers from all over the world.

The first machine that caught the attention of the customers, due to it's futuristic and smart design, was the new DYNAMIC X-PRO. It's the high-end, premium class, compact plasma cutter equipped with the CEBORA PLASMA PROF 166-HQC power source. The X-PRO offers unprecedented cutting quality, dynamics and speed paired with the innovative safety system GUARDLINE-O, making it compliant with the newest, strict ISO norms. The machine has also been equipped with the simple and intuitive EasyCONTROL remote and SmartCUT assistant, enabling for effortless operation.

The second machine that has been presented during the fairs was the updated PRO Master3D equipped with the CEBORA PLASMA PROF 255-HQC power source - a machine designed to deliver the highest quality 2D and 3D cutting. It's 5-axis, award winning Multi3D bevelling head equipped with CEBORA CP450G torch head enables for precise and accurate bevelling, both of the sheets and pipes.

Many visitors were also attracted by the presentation of the new Standard power sources - CEBORA Plasma Sound PC 110/T and 130/T. These newest, compact power sources, paired with the STIGAL machines offer near HQC cutting quality, while being very cost-effective and efficient.

The STIGAL & CEBORA team had many conversations with customers who were able to confront the machines with competitors. They appreciated the highest quality of STIGAL machines powered by CEBORA, and confirmed that their parameters are unmatched for other manufacturers, which resulted in signing new contracts.
This most important event of the year can definitely be considered successful for STIGAL & CEBORA

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